Our flagship and most popular cider. This pear cider is medium sweet, tastes of fresh pear and has a beer like body.

Our Original is made from Bosc and Bartlett Pears and a small amount of Gala Apples, is aged on oak and unfiltered. At 5.5% alc.

Hemly Original is bright, refreshing and sessionable.


Our Hemly Dry is a cider for serious cider fans. This pear cider is fermented dry to show off the complex floral notes of our pears.

The nature of pears also allows some complex sugars to survive the fermentation adding to the body of the cider. Aged on oak and at 6.5% alc.

If you are a cider fanatic you will love our Hemly Dry.


Our Sloughhouse is a seasonal cider made from fresh Jalapeño grown on our Sloughhouse ranch in the heart of the Californian Delta.

Hemly Original is blended with fresh Jalapeño to create this truly unique cider. There is no way this cider should work…. but it does and it is totally addictive.

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